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The DH Clinic Key 2024 is an encrypted flash drive loaded with DH Instrumentation Video Demonstrations created in accordance with the textbook: “Fundamentals of Periodontal Instrumentation & Advanced Root Instrumentation” by Jill S. Gehrig.  Students practice with the videos during preclinic while waiting for their instructor to work with them and they also can practice with them at home.  Students use the Dental Hygiene National Board Review presentations in all subjects to prepare for boards.  They also use the “Quick References” in clinic to complete patient assessment easily and more efficiently. The “Quick References” include: Top 400 Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs (Concerns in Dentistry) indexed for quick reference; Vital Signs & Lab Values; English-Spanish Phrases Translation in Dentistry; Mixed Dentition & Occlusion Quick Reference; Attached Gingiva & Furcation Classifications; Medical Emergencies Quick Reference.

For instructors there is the Corroborative Error Practicum on instrumentation with the forms and videos of a student performing instrumentation so faculty can grade and calibrate on the exact same student performance for calibration.

New to this edition is a book: “The Expert TalEvalarian” on grading students in the DH Process of Care. Whether you use TalEval or not you will benefit from the teaching methodology and use of Cases for Calibrating Instructors offered in the book and so many clinical grading ideas you can put to practice in your clinic even without TalEval.

Those who use TalEval will have all the details available to them with just a click of the Unit Title in the table of contents which will take them right to the section they wish to review to get questions answered. The book introduces the user to TalEval PLUS which includes Preclinic Skill Evals to grade in TalEval. These Skill Evals are from the textbook: “Periodontal Instrumentation & Advanced Root Instrumentation” and were given to us just for TalEval by the textbook author, Jill S. Gehrig. TalEval PLUS also has Technique Evaluations for Patient Care Clinics, Radiology Clinics, Dental Materials Lab, Medical Emergency Labs and much more.

Every DH Student and Instructor wants the DH Clinic Key 2024! Order yours now to get it first before the rush of orders. Instructors can get bulk orders at a reduced rate for students. Contact us to order: Cindy@DHMethEd.com


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The Diamond Pony

We now have a double-sided Diamond Card to use with the Sharpening Horse!

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