Stoney Pony


This product is to be discontinued when the current inventory is depleted.  Due to replacement costs for complaints about breakage and uneven wearing it is being replaced by The Diamond Pony. A One Diamond Pony Kit | DH Method of Education ( Bulk orders of 10 or more Diamond Pony Kits are $69.95 each.

The Stoney Pony is an instrument sharpening stone. It is a ceramic stone that is autoclavable. It is shaped like the Sharpening Horse fixture but is simply a stone that is easier to use chairside. See the demonstration video below. They will sell out and when they do they will be replaced by the Diamond Pony.

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To be discontinued

Watch the demonstration video below:


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The Diamond Pony

We now have a double-sided Diamond Card to use with the Sharpening Horse!

Click here for testimonials to see its effectiveness at DH schools
Link to watch latest video on sharpening with the Diamond Pony – Right/Left Handed

“Latest research provides irrefutable evidence that the Sharpening Horse and Diamond Pony is the most effective of sharpening techniques”


Click image above for link to the research!



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