Payment to have a display table at “Summer Camp Amelia Island” the “Boot Camp for Dental Educators” for one day of the conference which is held July 27 – 31, 2020 At Amelia Island, FL. See homepage for details www.DHmethEd.com.   You will be invited to receptions and lunch to network.  Your sponsorship fee includes an advertisement and a link to your website from our newsletter “Dental Health Educators’ Newsletter”.  This newsletter is sent out to Program Directors of over 600 Allied Dental Schools several times per year.  Advertisements are subject to approval from our editorial board.


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The Diamond Pony

We now have a double-sided Diamond Card to use with the Sharpening Horse!

Click here for testimonials to see its effectiveness at DH schools
Link to watch latest video on sharpening with the Diamond Pony – Right/Left Handed

“Latest research provides irrefutable evidence that the Sharpening Horse and Diamond Pony is the most effective of sharpening techniques”


Click image above for link to the research!


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Please provide Personal Email Address of Camp Attendees so we may include them in camp materials. Schools block our listserv so we need personal emails.