TalEval & Accreditation


The TalEval & Accreditation course will be presented by Cynthia Biron. This course is for those who use TalEval, or want to observe TalEval as a tool for generating reports that serve as exhibits to demonstrate compliance with Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) standards. Standards and sample reports, and how to find the reports in TalEval will be presented to the course attendees.

The course is one hour long and will NOT include TalEval basics such as: “how to grade”, “how to set up your database or analyze your database” as these topics are addressed in webinars provided by America’s Software.



Free Course and Reception.  In honor of our 20 year anniversary of TalEval, America’s Software is sponsoring a reception and CE course on TalEval and its exhibits for accreditation. The 1 ce course will be offered at Summer Camp Amelia Island on Wednesday, July 26th at 6:00 pm-7:00 pm. There will also be wine, soft drinks and finger foods for the celebration starting at 5:30pm in the Cafe at our hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites Harborfront Fernandina Beach.

The course is strictly about the reports generated by TalEval for demonstrating compliance with CODA Standards. It does not include information on “how to grade” or analyze your school database or setting up your own TalEval database. This workshop is capped at 40 attendees and will close when filled.

In the event of cancellation, DH Methods of Education, Inc. is NOT responsible for reimbursement of travel including flights.


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The Diamond Pony

We now have a double-sided Diamond Card to use with the Sharpening Horse!

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