DH Clinic Key 2019


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The DH Clinic Key 2019 Edition is an encrypted flash drive that contains¬†one video¬†“Precision in Periodontal Instrumentation 2nd Edition” and three new videos: Calibration of Periodontal Instrumentation Evaluation 2019; Instrument Sharpening Right and Left Handed; Alternate Fulcrums Right and Left Handed. The other items on the flash drive are Quick References for clinical patient assessment including Biron’s Quick Reference of the Top 400 Drugs (2019), Medical Emergencies Quick Reference, Vital Signs and Lab Values, New 2018 AAP Periodontal Classifications, English Spanish Translation Tables, Patient Assessment and Classification Quick References and Dental Hygiene National Board Reviews: Radiology, Pharmacology, Medical Emergencies, Periodontology, Clinical Dental Hygiene, Community Dentistry, Dental Materials and Pain Control/Anxiety, Oral Pathology, Immunology & Microbiology, Nutrition, Ethics, and the Dental Office Pharmacology Book. This item is now available for purchase.


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The Sharpening Horse

We now have a double-sided Diamond Card to use with the Sharpening Horse!

Click here for testimonials to see its effectiveness at DH schools
Link to watch latest video on sharpening with the Sharpening Horse – Right Handed
Link to watch latest video on sharpening with the Sharpening Horse – Left Handed

“Latest research provides irrefutable evidence that the Sharpening Horse is the most effective of sharpening techniques”


Click image above for link to the research!


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