10 Prevention of Medical Errors


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10. Prevention of Medical Errors in Healthcare: Root Cause Analysis, Error Reduction and Prevention, and Patient Safety (2 ceu’s) Sat. Aug 5th, 8:00 – 9:45AM (2 ceu’s) Course Instructor: Cynthia Biron Leiseca, RDH, EMT, MA This course provides participants with information to help establish root causes of medical errors that might occur in healthcare settings, and includes steps that should be taken to ensure patient safety. The lecture includes definitions of significant terms related to medical errors, reasons for studying about errors that might occur, discussion of system failures and types of errors that could occur, information about how root cause analysis is used to establish where errors occur and how they can be prevented, ideas for prevention of errors in healthcare, procedures for documentation and record-keeping, and communication techniques to prevent or reduce the occurrence of errors. Meets licensure requirement for medical disciplines to qualify for continuing education in prevention of medical errors.


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