10 How to Teach Ethics


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10. How to Teach Ethics (4 ceu’s ) Wed. July 31, 8:00AM – Noon

Course Presenter: Robin Matloff, RDH, BSDH, JD

This course will provide the participant with the knowledge and skills to comfortably teach a course in ethics. It includes content on the Dental Code of Ethics, jurisprudence, value determination, ethical decision making model, educational theories, dilemma resolution, and ethics in the professional organization, sexual harassment and occupational burnout. A review of the ADEA Statement and Tool for Action on Professionalism in Dental Education will be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to work collaboratively applying case based scenarios as a means for developing critical thinking skills for student learning. The accreditation Standard, “Ethics & Professionalism”, will be addressed along with methods of incorporating it throughout the curriculum, measuring the effectiveness of your methods, and demonstrating compliance with the standard.

(This class limited to 30 participants)



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