08 Oral Pathology Symposium with Dr. Langlais & Dr. Miller


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8.Oral Pathology Symposium: Standardized Approaches for Clinical & Radiographic Assessment(8ceu’s) Fri, Aug,4,8:00AM-5:00 PM Course Instructors: Robert Langlais, BA, DDS, MS, PhD, FRCD(C) and Craig S. Miller, DMD, MS Dr. Langlais and Dr. Miller are the authors of 5 editions of the Color Atlas of Common Oral Diseases, an internationally acclaimed textbook that for more than 20 years has provided detailed analysis of more than 600 disease entities in the mouth in an easy to understand format. This book is a standard for education of dental, dental hygiene and dental assisting students, as well as serving as a chairside reference for dental practitioners. In the morning session, Dr. Craig S. Miller will lead an entertaining discussion regarding common oral lesions. Emphasis is on the assessment and diagnostic process, the progression of disease from subtle asymptomatic conditions to symptomatic ulcers and growths, and how to document these abnormalities in the electronic health record. Dr. Miller uses his databank of over 30 years of practice and being the Editor of the Oral Medicine section of the journal Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology, to present a large variety of clinical examples of red, white and pigmented lesions, gingival lumps and bumps, oral ulcers, drug-induced oral lesions and oral manifestations of systemic disease. Practical advice and common treatment remedies will be provided. In the afternoon session, Dr. Robert Langlais will provide a presentation and lead a discussion on recognizing developmental and pathological entities that affect the teeth and the impact on practice; how pathologic lesions may alter the normal radiographic anatomy of the jaws, and how to use appropriate descriptive terms. Dr. Langlais will also present on new technology: the unique advantages and diagnostic accuracy of the extraoral panoramic bite wings for the detection of interproximal caries, the Aribex (NOMAD?) hand held intraoral machine including safety, and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) as an added panoramic machine feature and what it does better than any other imaging modality.


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