07 Community Dentistry Educator’s Workshop


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7. Community Dentistry Educator’s Workshop (12 ceu’s) Thurs. Aug. 3rd, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM and Fri. Aug. 4th, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Course Instructors: Roberta Brown, CDA, RDH, MS., Brent Molen, RDH MA Ed, Gwen Welling, RDH, MS. This workshop provides the attendees with an understanding of the components necessary for developing competency-based community dental health courses and community partnerships and service opportunities for dental hygiene students. Presenters will demonstrate methods of measuring student competency in assessing needs, planning, implementing and evaluating community programs; demonstrating communication skills in diverse populations; application of self-assessment in problem solving and critical thinking. It also includes examples of how the program can best demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards regarding community dental health in the curriculum and during the preparation of the self-study report and conduct of the site visit. Presenters will outline the methods of assembling the components of a community-based program through the formation of committees and establishing networks for finding stakeholders and partners. Institutional reviews, legal considerations and affiliation agreements will be presented and discussed. A short bus trip will take attendees to go on a tour of a community health center (The Barnabas Center) which ranks in the top 1% of community health centers in the U.S. While at the Barnabas Center, a grant writer will provide a presentation on grant writing. The final four hour session includes a presentation by Roberta Brown on ?How to Teach Community Dentistry? and it includes all the materials such as the syllabus, lesson plans, power point presentations, tests, and activities of the course on a flash drive.


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