06 How To Teach Histology & Embryology


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6. How to Teach Histology & Embryology (4 c eu’s ) Tues. July 30, 1:30 – 5:30 PM

Course Instructor: Lane Wilson Foreman, CDA, RDH, BS Biology

This course includes the entire contents of the Histology & Embryology course for dental assisting and dental hygiene students. The course includes the course manual, syllabus, power point presentations, numerous class activities, course projects, case based quizzes and exams. The entire course is placed on a flash drive for each course attendee. (A copyright agreement must be signed to receive the flash drive). The instructor will direct course attendees in the methods of teaching histology and embryology to students. Ways of simplifying the complex topics of the subject matter are clearly explained so that seasoned and novice educators will be well prepared to deliver the information in their own courses. The course can be applied in conjunction with any of the Histology & Embryology textbooks currently available for dental assisting and dental hygiene education.

(Class limited to 30 participants)



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