01 How to Teach Periodontal Instrumentation


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1. How to Teach Periodontal Instrumentation (8 ceu’s) Mon. July 29, 8:00AM-5:30 PM (One Day)

Course Instructors: Cynthia Biron RDH, EMT, MA Ed; Christine Dominick, CDA, RDH, M. Oc. Ed; Cristina Lekas: CDA, RDH, BAS; Robin Matloff, RDH, BSDH, JD; Lorinda Simon, CRDH, BS; Rebecca (Becky) Sroda CDA, RDH, MS; Melany Thien, CRDH, MS.

This 8 hour hands-on workshop will provide the participants with a calibration session on methods of teaching periodontal
instrumentation to students. A simulation lab with periodontally involved typodonts is set up for one-on-one instruction with workshop participants The morning session is devoted to teaching the novice clinician the basics in periodontal instrumentation in accordance with the textbook “Periodontal Instrumentation & Advanced Root Instrumentation” by Jill S. Gehrig, Rebecca(Becky) Sroda & Darlene Sacuzzio. Words, phrases and demonstrations are explained to assist workshop attendees in calibrating on methods of imparting skills to students. Calibration on methods of critiquing student skills, providing constructive criticism and correcting technique errors will be included. The afternoon session includes hands-on instruction is advanced root instrumentation teaching methodology using numerous root instruments appropriate for debridement of all aspects of root anatomy. In addition to the use of periodontally involved typodonts, calibration on explanations of root anatomy visuals and individual simulated tooth models are used in this teaching/learning activity.

(This Class is limited to 30 participants)



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