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  1. Dental Hygiene Clinical Teaching Methodology (16 ceu’s) Mon. July 30th, and Tues. July 31st, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Two Days) 

Course Instructors: Cindy Biron Leiseca, RDH, EMT, MA, Christine Dominick, CDA, RDH, MS, Melissa Olson, CDA, RDH, MS and Team of Instructors.

This 16 hour workshop will provide the participants with methods of teaching all phases of the DH clinical education with an emphasis on the progression of skill development throughout the dental hygiene clinical education. Included in electronic format on the course flash drive are syllabi and clinical course schedules, lesson plans, evaluation methods, calibration exercises, outcomes assessment plans and materials for day to day operations of the various clinic levels. The first morning session is devoted to the planning of the preclinic instruction, and includes the syllabi, lesson plans and schedule of practice sessions. The afternoon session includes hands-on methods of teaching periodontal instrumentation to first year dental hygiene students. A simulation lab with periodontally involved typodonts is set up for one-on-one instruction with workshop participants. On Tuesday, July 31st the morning session includes hands-on in advanced root instrumentation teaching methodology. The final afternoon session provides the participants with methods of teaching, calibrating faculty and evaluating student learning in the clinical setting and ways of maximizing the opportunity for student learning while providing evidence based patient centered care.

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